7MG 220 – Pasta Cooker/Gas Operated


  • Body is manufactured of 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel satin-finished sheet,
  • Gas taps with pilot flame, minimum-maximum flame; in the cases the flame turns off, gas supply stops automatically,
  • Either LPG or natural gas operated and conversion without modification,
  • 3/4″ spherical valve underneath for discharging the water from the pool,
  • Automatic ignition button,
  • Gas burner in the shape of stainless pipe and with ability to operate using all types of gas,
  • Water tap, controllable from front panel,
  • Draining system to prevent the pool from overflowing, ( for the ones with 1 module)
  • Pools can be controlled dependently,
  • Adjustable feet of stainless pipe, support sheets are 2 mm stainless steel sheets,
  • Stainless swinging door handles