7SG 050 – Boiling Pan/Electric and Gas Operated


  • Body is manufactured of 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel satin-finished sheet,
  • Cover with double wall of s/s sheet and insulated, designed for durability
  • Multi-level thermostat between 60-180 C, temperature adjustable
  • Indirect cooking with the oil circulated by Bain Marine system,
  • Boiling temperature of circulating oil is over 200 C,
  • Water taps mounted on device,
  • Emptying valve,
  • Safety system to cut the power in the case of failure,
  • Gas taps with pilot flame, minimum-maximum flame; in the cases the flame turns off, gas supply stops automatically,
  • Automatic ignition button
  • Gas burner in the shape of stainless pipe and with ability to operate using all types of gas