BKE 2000R-L – Bulasik Yikama Makinesi


  • three stage washing system; prewashing, washing, rinsing,
  • Body and the parts contacting water are manufactured of 18/8 Cr-Ni s/s sheet of AISI304 Quality,
  • Body is on a powder coated chassis,
  • Sliding racks,
  • Modular, washing and drying units can easily be mounted,
  • 9 sprinkles for effective rinsing, sprinkles can easily be removed,
  • Cleaning cover, when opened device stops operating, in the size a rack can be removed
  • Prewashing water temperature: 50 C ; Water temperature while washing: 55-60 C,
  • Complies with the sanitation standards, rinsing in 85 C,
  • Boiler power can be increased up to 24kW on demand where more hot water consumed,

Drying tunnel

  • Drying without leaving any spots or humidity,
  • Drying tunnel covered completely, 715 mm, closed cycle ventilation, energy saver
  • Humidity on the racks after final washing and rinsing absorbed by the side walls and sprayed on the racks again after heated by heater with 6 kW power. Condensed water transferred to prewashing step, energy saver