BYM 1000 – Bulasik Yikama Makinesi


  • Body and the parts contacting water are manufactured of 18/8 Cr-Ni s/s sheet of AISI304 Quality ,
  • Full-automatic operation, with electrical control and timer for washing program,
  • Safety system to stop operation when the cover is open,
  • Thermostat between 0-110 C for washing tank and between 0-90 C for boiler,
  • Additional thermostat in boiler,
  • In the case mains water supply stops prevents the detergent water from mixing in mains water,
  • 3 different washing program,
  • Motor – pump group is imported, detergent is durable against ,
  • Washing and rinsing units are with rotating sprinkles,
  • Tanks min. and max. water levels can be controlled with pressurestat,
  • Boiler switches automatically to rinsing operation, sterilization in 85 C
  • Optional rinsing pump (if water pressure is not enough)