BYM 165 – Dishwasher


  • Body and the parts contacting water are manufactured of 18/8 Cr-Ni s/s sheet of AISI304 Quality
  • Full-automatic operation, with touch operated control panel and electronic program card
  • 4 different washing programs
  • Washing and rinsing units are with rotating sprinkles
  • An ıntegrated dish washing system can be constructed by combining modular units
  • Tanks min. and max. water levels can be controlled with pressurestat
  • Safety system to alert that cover is open
  • Safety system to alert that there is an electrical failure
  • In the case mains water supply stops prevents the detergent water from mixing in mains water
  • Sterilization with rinsing in 85 C
  • Thermostat control
  • Additional thermostats
  • 1 plate washing, 1 glass washing and 1 fork-spoon washing racks

Extra accessories:

  • Rinsing water pressure pump
  • Drain pump