FBE 006 – Steam Convection Oven/Electric Operated


  • Manufactured completely of 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet, feet are 0.60 mm stainless pipe
  • Full-automatic, with touch operated control panel and electronic program card,
  • Baking either with %100 convection or %100 steam in addition to baking with %25-%75, %50-%50, %75-%25 convection-steam combination,
  • Electronic program card with memory capacity of up to 10 programs and all programs can be controlled from the control panel,
  • Collective insertion kit with 10 shelves, can be loaded externally and inserted into the oven with its special trolley, easy to use and transport, (for FBE022)
  • 5 rails suitable for GN 2/1 trays, (for FBE022)
  • Balanced cooking and homogeneous heat distribution by means of the special fan inside the oven,
  • Doors are double-glazed, can be opened and be cleaned easily,
  • Lightening with inner lambs on door,
  • with Safety systems,
  • 6-level Fan speed controller, first level 400rpm, last level 1400 rpm
  • oven engine with bi-directional movement capability, Reduced heat loss by insulated sides