MPS 011 – Electronic Potato Peeler


  • Body manufactured of 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel of AISI 304 Quality, specially shaped for reinforced form
  • Full-automatic operation, with touch operated control panel and electronic program card, (for MPS 011) safety system to alert and to stop the device in the case top cover of the device is opened during operation
  • Machine construction prevents reaching moving parts during operation; Switch box to prevent machine from continuing operation in case of failure or during the moments of danger and to prevent unrelated persons from intervening the operation of the device with a locking feature
  • The potatoes loaded are peeled with minimum lose (8_15%), without crushing, thanks to softening system
  • Onions can also be peeled with the replacement of turntable (HO Kg/h, 5Kg/operation)
  • Speed adjustment with the relevant reducer not to crush potatoes or onions; silent and stable operation
  • Peeling time can be adjusted according to the potato shape and size; the jacket and turntable complies with health standards and are carborandum coated
  • Conveys the potatoes to a suitable container after peeling while machine is still operating,
  • rubber draining hose with 60 mm inner diameter