MSY 101 – Electronic Vegetable Washing Machine


  • Electronic, 70 Lt. Washing capacity: 4 – 20 Kg
  • Drying capacity: 2-10
  • 1200*600*850
  • Pump : 1.50kW ; Drying engine : 0,37kW
  • Electric inlet : 380V 3N
  • Body manufactured of 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet of AISI 304 Quality
  • Full-automatic operation, with touch operated control panel and electronic program card
  • Machine construction prevents reaching moving parts during operation
  • Can both wash and dry
  • Lever to adjust washing speed and filter system to prevent solid wastes from block draining system
  • Provides more hygienic washing by changing the washing water every 2 minutes automatically
  • Safety system to stop operation when drying unit cover is opened
  • Switch box to prevent machine from continuing operation in case of failure or during the moments of danger and to prevent unrelated persons from intervening the operation of the device with a locking feature
  • Water level in washing tank can be automatically adjusted by a pressurestat
  • Spray system for manuel washing
  • Washing and drying baskets are of stainless material of AISı 304 Quality and covered with plastic comlying the health and hygiene conditions
  • Washing and drying basket can easily be removed; washing and drying covers are of plexglass