PDG 400 – Doner Kebab Machine/Gas Operated


  • Manufactured completely of 18/8 Cr-Ni sheet of AISI304 Quality
  • Horizontally ordered radiant heaters (2 heaters for each row, total 3, 5 or 3 rows) can be controlled independently
  • Draining sheet and oil collecting tray and drawer in AISI304 Quality
  • Paddle of s/s sheet with handle of Bakelite,
  • Heat proof motor, bi-directional,
  • Distance between doner meat and radiants can be adjusted
  • Electric operated doner blade
  • Distance between doner meat and the heater can be adjusted
  • Half-round heaters manufactured of glass provide doner meat with homogeneous roasting
  • Heat proof glass to provide safe roasting and prevent oil from sputtering on the radiant
  • Gas taps to stop gas supply in the case the flame is off
  • Either LPG or natural gas operated and conversion without modification (injector should be replaced only)