SDN 140 – Upright Refrigerator/Lockable Doors


  • of Polyurethane
  • cooling between -2/+8ºC
  • 350-400W, 230V
  • 1400*770*2100
  • External cover is of AISI 304 Quality, inner cover is of stainless steel of AISI 304 Quality,
  • Shelves in the refrigerator are covered with white plastic and adjustable,
  • 60 mm in thickness, insulated with 45 density polyurethane foam,
  • Motor included within,
  • Stainless door handles, leak-proof and isothermal seals.
  • Lockable doors with lightening.
  • Functional cooling Defrosted water shall be transferred to a pot and shall vaporize automatically
  • R134a or R404a as cooler gas. There shall be service valve and connector for gas filling The hose used in gas filling shall be long All cooling unit must use dryers
  • Compressor – condenser group: Should let air in in its cell in refrigerator Hermetic compressors shall be used Hermetic compressors shall operate in 220-230V 50-60Hz Hermetic compressor power shall be chosen according to function Relay contacts, thermal protector and capacitors shall be mounted in the same box