Design Central Kitchens and Laundries

KITCHENCO Jordan a knowledgeable engineering staff understanding your needs of designing your facilities from kitchens and laundries equipments, making sure you will receive the required result at the best value.
Our designs are according to multitude of international standards of kitchen and laundry designs to ensure the final effectiveness.

Consultations and Quality Assurance

KITCHENCO Jordan specialized consultations for both kitchens and laundry rooms are all in details and meeting your requirements to achieve the kitchen or laundry you are looking for.

Central Gas Networks Design

KITCHENCO Jordan specialized engineering team design and implement LPG network in your facility in effective way according to NFPA 54, NFPA 58 standards.

Preventive maintenance

KITCHENCO Jordan provided exceptional maintenance services to our clients, our aim is to keep al long lasting relations with our clients depending on our services and cost saving solutions.